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Current Balance as of 2-10-16:  $5537.50

Rescue Funds come from our yearly Anatolian Calendar sales and from Donations.  Thanks to all who contribute to this fund to help our most needy Anatolians.
And thanks to those who rescue and foster ... there is a special place in heaven for you.

Proceeds from 2016 Calendar sales: $1365.00
Thanks to all who purchased a calendar!

Thanks to all for your very generous donations!


Proceeds from 2016 calendar: $1365.00
Proceeds from 2015 calendar: $1473.00
Proceeds from 2014 calendar: $1628.00
Proceeds from 2013 calendar: $1490.00
Proceeds from 2012 calendar: $1369.48
Proceeds from 2011 calendar: $1806.34
Proceeds from 2010 calendar: $2036.54
Proceeds from 2009 calendar: $1525.05
Proceeds from 2008 calendar: $1873.92
Proceeds from 2007 calendar: $1656.32
Proceeds from 2006 calendar: $1565.11
 Proceeds from 2005 calendar: $1460.18
Proceeds from 2004 calendar: $971.64
Proceeds from 2003 calendar: $929.01
Proceeds from 2002 calendar: $793.64
Proceeds from 2001 calendar: $400.55
Proceeds from 2000 calendar: $205.00




4.7- $1000.00: Donation to ASDRL
4.7- $1000.00: Donation to NASRN
11.24.15- Lexie: $768.00  medical expenses to NASRN


4.14- Penny Lane: $413.96-spay, wormer, board, medical expenses
5.2-Cady: $407.40- shots, worming, medical expenses
5.18-Turk: $500.00 -Neutering, Boarding, Shots, etc.
11.18-Retta: $1083.91-Surgery costs


5.13- Hanna and King: $1000.00 - Medical expenses


3.12- Tyla: $125.00
3.12- Sara: $424.28
3.12- Zeus: $150.00
3.12- Mississippi puppies: $450.00
4.16- Raine-$387.15
6.4-Raine: $112.83
10-12-Aydin: $153.00-Heartworm and medical costs
10.12-Bear: $531.81-heartworm and medical costs
12.4- $700.00-Chipper and Bailee (neuter, spay and medications)


5/5- Max: $400.00 (hospitalization for pneumonia)
8/24-Kibar: $500.00 (neuter, bloodwork, x-rays, surgeries, medications)


1/20- Keeta: $313.50 (biopsy, medications)
$354.37 (exam, medications)
7/8-Beau:$263.38 (exam, shots, neuter)
10/20-Quartermaine:$500.00( surgery, medications)
12/31- Whiskey: $500.00 (biopsy, medications)
12/31- Max: $500.00 (surgery, medications)


1/20- Emma: $105.00 (spay)
1/20- Maria: $85.00 (spay)
2/27- Heidi:  $500.00 (ear surgery and spay)
7/1- Ivy: $323.00(lab work, vet testing)
9/10/09-DJ and Gina: 695.34(heartworm, meds,shots, spaying/neuter)
10/15-Apollo: $312.27(various lab tests and exam)
11/10-Lizzie: $500. (mange treatment, vaccines, spay, boarding)
12/4-Hoku: $182.38 (tests, medication)
12/16-Ana:$261.17 (xray, medication)
12/16-Aydin:$78.00 (Neutering and pain medication post op)


1/10- Hank: $339.00 (neuter, vaccines, worming)
2/28- Scoobie: $105.00 (neuter, microchip)
2/28-Bruce: $115.00 (vaccine, neuter, microchip)
3/24-Kapri: $333.51 (heartworm, spay)
4/6-Zeke: $544.30 (vaccines, worming, exam, neuter, boarding)
5/4-Duke: $246.00(neuter and pain meds)
8/7-Azad: $75.00 (neuter and shots)+ 251.12(entropion surgery)
12/1-Ramzi and Minka: $350.92 (spay/neuter, shots, heartworm, meds)
12/4-Lucy: $150.00 (entropion surgery)


2/26- Emmett: $52.00 (health certificate,exam and medication)
5/15-Hurley: $50.00 (neuter and board)
6/20-Sammy: $295.63 (exam, medication, shots)
6/25-Samson: $160.97 (exam, blood work,  neuter)
12/4-Kaya:  $130.00 (exam and x-rays)
12/26-Kaya $212.00 (spay, x-rays, microchip)


3/02- Charlie: $50.00 (Leg surgery)
4/17- Buddy: $50.00 (to help with heartworm and eye treatment)
5/9- Bridgett: $350.00 (spay and tick fever treatment)
7/24- Ruby and Max: $427.80 (spay and tick fever treatment)
9/30 -Sammy: $157.97 (neuter)
9/30 -Alex and McGrady: $144.00 (exam and shots)
11/21-Bo: $428.40 (neuter, shots, exam)


1/09- Kara: $550.00 (Fracture surgery)
6/20 - Ringo: $348.50 ( neuter, shots, worming)
8/9 - Toby: $280.60 (exam, neuter, lab work)
8/22 - Rufus: $449.50 (exam shots, neuter, lab work, heartworm treatment)
9/7- Jeenie: $433.04 (Repair of wound from spay)
9/24- Fiona:$ 152.15 ( partial payment of vet bills due to extreme abuse)


3/04 - Amir: $470.00 (Heartworm Treatment, lab work)
4/04 - Bullet and Gypsy: $425.00 (Mammary Adenoma, Neuter, Spay, Boarding,  Lab work)
4/15 - Jake and Brynn: $221.15 ( Neuter, Spay, Shots)
5/6 - Maggie: $179.00: (Boarding, worming, vaccination, spay)
8/6 - Kenai: $116.31 ( Vaccination, neuter)
9/13 - Oden: $ 389.39
10/04 - Sonny, Honey and Kaylee: $402.44 (spay, neuter, worming, vaccines)
11/20 - Merlin: $211.54 (x-rays, , worming, vaccines,hospital stay)
12/4 -  Sonny, Honey and Kaylee: $190.00 (Partial boarding costs)


8/03 - Jazz and Zack: $23.80 (Frontline Plus)


 2/02 - Annie: $125.00 (boarding, shelter and vet fees)

 5/02 - Rex: $469.60 (heartworm treatment, lab work, meds, hospitalization, dip)

5/02 - Austin: $117.00 (neuter, X-rays, shot)

8/02 - Bear: $332.59 (heartworm treatment, tapeworm treatment, bloodwork, paw surgery)



Special thanks for the following 2016 donations:

Lois Evans: $50.00
Edmund and Kalena Phillips: $25.00
Debi Grunnah: $25.00

Special thanks for the following 2015 donations:

Mark Chrystler: $25.00
Marit Federcell & Patrick Borunda in memory of Sabirís Michael & George Waller: $200.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Mary Taylor: $1000.00
Kirsi Maki: $38.00
Karen Schaudt: $33.00
ASDI in memory of Amy R
Mazie Gray: $3.00
Linda Palmateer: $30.00
Margriet Schnabel: $50.00
Betty Hayward: $8.00
Carol White: $10.00
Kathy Gerlach: $35.00
Linda Palmateer: $50.00

Special thanks for the following 2014 donations:

Jeff Raymond: $50.00
Glen Shrimab: $5.00
Lois Evans: $50.00
Mitch and Alice Link: $22.00
Debi Grunnah: $25.00
Marit Federcell and Patrick Borunda: $100.00   In Memory of Sabir's Michael and George Waller 
David Gomes: In loving memory of Duke who passed in July, 2012
Linda Palmateer: $30.00
Lulu Reed: $6.00
Kirsi Maki: $38.00
Mazie Gray: $3.00
Karen Schaudt: $28.00
Mary Lou Taylor: $1000.00
Liz Newman: $300.00-
"Memory of Zeb / Healthy Hound Longview WA"
Susan Millies: $25.00
Nancy Stasyshyn: $25.00
Kathy Gerlach: $35.00
Kathy Mayer: $25.00
Cedar Rise Farm: $25.00
Jeff Raymond: $25.00
Rare Breeds Ranch: $35.00
David Gomes: $18.00
Albert and PaulaSuhajda: $10.00
Linda Palmateer: $50.00
Lois Evans: $50.00
Debi Grunnah: $20.00
Carol White: $10.00
Salmon Creek Ranch: $20.00
Kalena and Edmund Phillips: $15.00

Special thanks for the following 2013 donations:

$35.00 Lois Evans
$25.00 Kathy Mayer
$50.00 Linda Palmateer
$100.00  Liz Newman
Kathy Gerlach: $25.00
Helen Forwood: $25.00
Carol White: $5.00
Susan Millies: $50.00
Albert and Paula Suhadja $20.00
Ken and Tina Goff $10.00
Glen Shriman: $5.00
Debi Grunnah : $10.00
Marit Federcell & Patrick Borunda:
In memory of George Waller
n memory of Sabir's Michael
Kathy Gerlach: $10.00
Jacqueline Stieghurst: $1.00
David Gomes: $22.00
Linda Palmateer $30.00
Karen Schaudt: $20.00
Kirsi Maki: $40.00
Roy Brown: $3.00
Fran Williams: $53.00
Nancy Stasyshyn: $20.00
Betty Hayward: $13.00
Carol White: $5.00
Albert  and Paula Suhadja: $10.00
Kathy Mayer: $25.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Susan Millies: $25.00
Kathy Gerlach: $35.00
Lesley Brabyn: $20.00
Linda Palmateer: $50.00
Rare Breeds Ranch: $50.00
Tina Leese: $5.00

Special thanks for the following 2012 donations:

Kathy Gerlach: $10
Mark Leonard: $2.00
Ann Collins: $10.00
Ken and Tina Goff: $15.00
Marit Federcell & Patrick Borunda:
In memory of George Waller
n memory of Sabir's Michael
Kris Barber: $5.00
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International: $50.00
In memory of Peter Gerlach
Andra Walters: $50.00
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International: $50.00
In memory of our beloved Pam Raymond
Kris Barber: $40.00
Kirsi Maki: $50.00
Linda Palmateer: $30.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Roy Brown: $25.00
Karen Schaudt: $50.00
Nicole Vreeland: $20
In memory of Azamet
Fran Williams: $35
In memory of Pam Raymond
Marie McHarry: $5.00
Dan and Mary Taylor: $60.00

Special thanks for the following 2011 donations:

Dorian Dodson: $25.00
Lois Evans: $15.00
Glenn Shriman: $5.00
Karen Fonesca: $50.00
Marit Federcell: $50.00
In memory of George Waller
Marit Federcell: $50.00 In memory of Sabir's Michael on the one year anniversary of his death 4/7/2010.
Deb Dorcheus: $40.00
Carol Johnston: $30.00
In memory of Bruce Harris
Waldo Eubank: $50.00
In memory of Bruce Harris
Mitch and Becca Hoff: $40.00 In memory of Bruce Harris
Roger,Susie,& Eric Althof and Sara & Steve Mondziel:$25.00 In memory of Bruce Harris
Betty Pena:$30.00 In memory of Bruce Harris
Kirsi Maki: $32.00
Linda Palmateer: $30.00
Karen Schaudt: $30.00
Liz Newman: $25.00
Scott Bischoff: $10.00
Rare Breeds Ranch: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $50.00
Jean Doherty: $5.00
Fran Williams: $25.00
Glen Shriman: $5.00
Susan Millies: $15.00
Donna Knauber: $10.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Nancy Stasyshyn: $25.00
Lois Evans: $30.00
Nancy Wargas: $5.00
Dee Hadorn: $5.00
Kathy Gerlach: $35.00
Carol White: $5.00

Special thanks for the following 2010 donations:

Janice Frasche: $25.00
Kathy Gerlach: $20.00
Nino Azzolin: $10.03
Sandra Lindenmuth: $12.00
Kirsi Maki: 50.00
Glenn Shriman: $5.00
Sheila Wynne: $25.00
Kris Barber: $30.00
Andra Walters: $13.00
Susan Millies: $25.00
Nancy and Ken Wargas: $10.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Rare Breeds Ranch: $50.00
Jan and Perry Fox: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Carol White: $5.00
Karen Massa: $10.00
Betty Hayward: $5.00
Linda Palmateer: $50.00

Special thanks for the following 2009 donations:

Sheila Wynne- $5.00
Kirsi Maki: $50.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
Maria Marerro: $10.00
Kirsi Maki: $55.00
Chris and Kara Chizmar: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $25.00
Nancy Stasyshyn: $5.00
Margriet Schnabel: $20.00
Kris Barber: $5.00
Sandy Tuck: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Heather Dedrick: $30.00
Jill Pritchett: $5.00
Karen Schaudt and Tim Lloyd: $10.00
Liz Newman: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $25.00
William Dussing: $100.00  " For Baxter...rescued 5/6/2000 and still my best


Special thanks for the following 2008 donations:

Margriet Schnabel: $25.00
William Skuba: $50.00
Maria Marerro: $35.00
Linda Palmateer: $25.00
Deborah Borrego: $100.00
Liz Newman: $50.00
Susan Hovis: $5.00
Glenn Shriman: $10.00
Christine Kelley: $25.00
Maria Marerro: $10.00
Margriet Schnabel: $30.00
Brittany Hayes: $2.00
Judy and Jerry Stein: $10.00
Connie Bright: $25.00
Katie Drumm: $4.00
Kathy Gerlach: $8.00
Anoop Nair: $52.00
Judy Stein: $10.00
Susan Anton: $5.00

Special thanks for the following 2007 donations:

Glenn Shriman: $10.00
Connie Bright: $20.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Vicki Malone:  $25.00
Suzy Krumholtz:  $20.00
Shelley Smith:  $33.00
Margriet Schnabel: $30.00
Mari Sharma: $50.00
Kris Barber: $10.00
Chyril Walker for Samson: $100.00
Liz Newman: $25.00
Deborah Borrego:  $100.00

Glenn Shriman: $10.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Chris and Kara Chizmar: $25.00
Brian and Cerys Tyson: $20.00
Kristin Finn: $25.00
Margriet Schnabel: $25
David Brown: $5.00

Special thanks for the following 2006 donations:
Margriet Schnabel: $14.00
Susie Krumholz:  $25.00
Kathy Gerlach: $5.00
Denise Moran: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Kris Barber:  $5.00
Melanie Sherman: $5.00
Kirsi Maki: $9.00
Mirriel Kimball: $5.00
Nicole Brown: $5.00
Margriet Schnabel: $30.00

Special thanks for the following 2005 donations:
Kathy Gerlach:  $50.00
Erin Tallon: $6.00
Kirsi Maki: $55.00
Margriet Schnabel: $30.00
Kathy Gerlach:  $30.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Betty Hayward: $100.00 (for Fiona)
Charline Duffie: $60.00
Christine Kelley: $20.00
Deborah Logan: $25.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Margriet Schnabel: $10.00
Dawn Hover: $10.00
Patricia Marterer, Ph.D.: $25.00
Betty and Bob Hayward: $100.00 (for Kara)
Susan Hovis: $10.00
Craig Pierce: $25.00

Special thanks for the following 2004 donations:
Kathy Swanson:  $50.00
Linda Palmateer: $40.00
Rachel Amov: $5.00
Margriet Schnabel: $30.00
Lorett Fairchild: $25.00
Shelley Smith:  $12.00
Deborah Logan: $30.00
Charline Duffie:  $80.00
Bill and Susan Sacks:  $10.00

Special thanks for the following 2003 donations:
Ann Collins:  $20.00
Janice and James Frasche:  $19.20
Mary Sobota: $5.00
Serano Ehzo:  $15.00
Margriet Schnabel: $20.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Charline Duffie: $80.00
Denner Gage D.D.S.: $25.00
Nino Azzolin: $6.00
Deborah and John Logan:  $30.00
Mary and Craig Brakefield: $10.00
Josie Bisping:  $10.00
John Greene:  $15.00
Suzy Bettinger:  $30.00
Andrew Miller: $10.00
Jean Doherty: $25.00
Scott Bischoff: $10.00
Dr. Randy and Donna Stickney: $10.00
Tracey Ma

Special thanks for the following 2002 donations: 
 Kathy Gerlach: $40.00
Marilyn E. Maier:  $5.00
Tracey Martin:  $5.00
Amy Goodwin:  $20.00
Josephine Bisping:  $10.00
Sheila Wynne: $20.00
Linda Palmateer: $20.00
Dr. Randy and Donna Stickney: $10.00
Pam Kernan:  $10.00
Sennen Wells: $10.00
Rene Weamer: $2.00
Jean Doherty: $25.00
Joseph and Sara Badal: $10.00
Cathy Kindquist: $25.00
Joan Henderson: $10.00




Retta: From NASRN: She was picked up as a stray in Waco, Texas.  She moved funny as soon as we pulled her and she never wanted to "sit", she just wanted to lay down all the time.  After an exam, it was discovered that she had a bad ACL tear and probably had one on the other back leg, as well, at some point, but it did not heal correctly.
Services needed: ACL surgery


TURK from NASRN: Picked up as stray in Oklahoma City.


CADY from NASRN: Picked up as stray and landed in kill shelter in OK.

PENNY LANE From NASRN: She was picked up as a stray and landed in an animal control facility.  They have no adoption program so she sat in a very small cage for several months before someone contacted us to help her. She's definitely had some trauma in her life but she really wants to believe people can be nice.  She's getting better all the time.
















From NASRN: Kibar is 2 years old and was pulled  from a CA shelter  - he had been abandoned and tied up in a parking lot. He needs to be neutered and he has a dead tooth that needs to be removed.  He also has a mass on his leg that needs to be removed (mostly benign, the vet says). He also needs a hip x-ray to learn if hips are causing his what appears to be abnormality in his rear.


From NASRN: Max is from Texas. His ownerís turned him into a shelter because he was too expensive to feed.
Need: He lost 23 pounds in a month's time after his neuter and foster dad noticed he had a lump on his stomach and he didnít want to eat. So he went to the vet last weekend and had to stay overnight. They still are not exactly sure what happened but when they did the barium test, it was showing he had a partial blockage. So he spent the night at the hospital and by the following afternoon, the swelling had gone down and almost all of the barium had passed.

Max was diagnosed with Addison's and was hospitalized for pneumonia. Sadly, Max passed away from his illness at only 19 months old.


From NASRN: Whisky arrived at his foster home with gaping hole and had to have surgery today to repair a sloppy/botched neuter that was done at the shelter.



From NASRN: 5 years old male was adopted from shelter as puppy.  Returned to shelter for killing a chicken.
Needs surgery to repair ACL.


From NASRN: Beau was taken from a shelter in CA. Nothing more is known about him.


From NASRN:  She came into a Topeka KS shelter in December and a local rescue group pulled her and
took her to a vet. They asked us if we would take her and we said yes.We didnt have a foster so the vet said they would board her. According to the vet in KS, they said she had meningitis and had her on high dosage of prednisone. She was so weak she could not take more than a few steps at a time and she was also "circling".Unbelievably, the vet SPAYED her without our authorization even tho she was this weak and sick. The sugery almost killed her. She had to be carried on a blanket when we transported her, she was so weak she could not walk. How on Earth could that vet spay her like that? We were finally able to get her into a foster home and we took her to foster mom's vet. The vet gave her a body scale of just "1" on a scale of 1-9 with 9 being the best. She does NOT have meningitis and has been weaned off the prednisone.Her liver enzymes are elevated and they think she might have hepatitis. She also has extremely bad case of ear mites in one ear and high amount of fluid in the other ear, with that ear drum being ruptured. We believe these two factors may be the cause of her circling. Since she's been on antibiotics her circling is diminished and she actually tried to play  the other day. Foster mom was wiping her feet off and she grabbed the towel and shook it! So there is hope. She is in good hands now and is making a little more progress all the time.


From NASRN: Owner wanted to shoot her because she cost too much money. She requires thyroid medicine and
Proin. She has a lump that needs to be biopsied before she can be placed for adoption. She also needs her
required medication.


From NASRN: 2-3 year old neutered male picked up as a stray in Kansas.


From NASRN: She is 2 yr old female seized by law enforcement from owners for neglect last summer. Her collar was embedded into her neck and had to be surgically removed when they first seized her. Her foster mom woke up one morning and Ana's front leg was really swollen and took her to the vet. He did x-ray and put her on antibiotics. Still not sure what happened, there was no break or fracture, she went on pain meds and antibiotics and was back to normal in a day or two and has been fine ever since.


From NASRN:  Hoku is a female approximately 1 year old. She was a stray picked up by animal control in the  San Francisco area, California .  Considered unadoptable because she guards her food.  She is already spayed.  She has anaplasmosis and is undergoing treatment for it.


ASDRL received an email from a woman who takes photos at the Putman County Animal Shelter in Palatka, FL, stating Ďthat what looks for all the world to be an Anatolian Shepherd was at the high-kill shelter, and would likely be euthanized next week. She has a bad skin condition.í The woman transported Lizzie for ASDRL to the Crill and Palm Veterinary Hospital in Palatka. Lizzie was diagnosed with mange and would also need to be spayed after her skin condition cleared up. She would be at the clinic for about a month. Treatment for her mange started immediately. A family was approved to adopt Lizzie as soon as she was released from the clinic. ASDRL tried numerous transport routes but we had no luck filling the legs that would meet the adoptive family half way. A Crill and Palm vet clinic employee stepped up and was willing to volunteer her time but could not afford the gas money. We paid her $100.00 to cover fuel.


From NASRN. 2 year old male in Missouri was turned into shelter by owner. Owner got him last year from his previous owner, wanting a dog to guard livestock.  Since he had never been raised with livestock he didnít have a clue and wanted to live with the family. Apparently, they decided not to buy food for him.  The  preliminary vet exam found him to be emaciated.  Vet ranked him 1 (out of 9) for body condition.  Vet wants him to gain weight before doing anything else for him.  He will have to go back to get blood drawn and more tests in a couple weeks.

From NASRN: DJ and Gina are 4-6 years old. They were turned into a Texas pound by their owner because he was moving. He hadnít had them for all that long. They have apparently been passed around a lot. They need heartworm test, shots and spaying/neutering, as well as a checkup.


From NASRN: Ivy was pulled from kill shelter in Alabama, now in foster in Ohio. She is reported to be friendly with people and other dogs. Appears to be housebroken and well behaved. She became sick after being pulled and lots of tests had to be run
to determine what treatment she needed.



To NASRN: Heidi was 'dropped' in the overnight box at a dog shelter. She is a case of extreme neglect.  At some point she had an ear infection that was not addressed.  She is now deaf and in extreme pain because of this.  They have to do a bilateral ear ablation (removing the pieces of the ear as I understand it) to relieve the pain.  They will also spay her.  They are having to do a CAT scan before the ear surgery. You can not see an ear canal any more.



To NASRN: Maria is one of the NC litter pups. Her owners abandoned her pregnant Mom with relatives and went out of state.  Relatives eventually called rescue to find a home for all the pups.



To NASRN: Emma was picked up as a stray in Merced, CA.


From NASRN: From CA.  Lucy was turned over to NASRN  when her owner was diagnosed with cancer and his wife was not able to care for Lucy or their other animals.  They sold all of the other animals and Lucy was left at the ranch on her own for quite awhile.  She was very skinny when we got her and her collar had started to become embedded into her neck.  She's doing well in her new home and seems to be happier since her entropion surgery.


From NASRN: Ramzi is a young male Anatolian Shepherd that somehow ended up in a kill shelter, along with his sister, Minka. They were picked up as strays and not reclaimed. They are about 7-9 months old. Both are good with other dogs and people friendly. We will assist w/transport within 1,000 miles.



From NASRN: This dog was pulled from a shelter in OH.



From NASRN: Duke was pulled from a Houston area shelter a month or so ago and had a really bad URI. He's finally feeling
better so was able to be neutered.



From NASRN:  Zeke was dumped at the shelter because the owner "had too many dogs".



From NASRN: She was dumped in a shelter overnight pen, so we don't know where she came from or what her history is.


 From NASRN: Bruce came to us when his owner was deployed to the middle east. He is in foster care in Fresno, CA.



From NASRN: Scoobie came to us when his owners moved and could not find a house to rent that would allow a large dog. Scoobie is now in foster care in Fresno, CA.



From NASRN: Hank recently came out of an Indiana shelter and is presently in foster care.



From NASRN: Kaya and her brother were pulled from a shelter in CA. Unfortunately, her brother passed away the first night. We believe he had pneumonia. Kaya has mild to moderate pneumonia, also. She is traveling to her foster home in AZ today and will go the vet for testing so we can find out exactly what type of pneumonia we're dealing with. She's on meds that the shelter gave us but she will need more soon


From NASRN: Sam was listed as an owner rehome on our website last winter. After a couple of months, his owner notified us that she had rehomed him locally and we took him off the website. A short time later she contacted us again to say that home was not working out and could we please take him into foster care. So his owners relinquished him to us and Sam has been in our foster care for the last couple of months.


From NASRN: Sammy, he was pulled from a Louisiana shelter and was skin and bones, as you can see in his picture. He was a stray so we have no background on him but he's a sweet boy. He is now in foster care in Houston and we're trying to get him fattened up.


From Karen Massa: Hurley was a stray and is in a kill shelter in TX. He is 2 yrs old or less and is very sweet, but other dog aggressive. We are getting him to a foster home.


From Karen Massa: Emmett's story is his owner contacted me for help saying he may need to rehome him for chasing his sheep. I gave him as much advice as I could round up and he then decided it was too much work, as he was expecting lambs to drop and needed Emmett gone. I had a preapproved home in Colorado and we arranged for Emmett to be flown to Colorado within a week of the owner asking for help. He mailed the adopter and said the lambs came the day after Emmett left which was a relief for us all as he did not know how Emmett would react to the babies. Emmett is now in a pet home in Denver.


From NASRN: Bo was an owner surrender. He was purchased by a woman as protection for her father against a drug dealing brother, but proved to be too much dog to handle and was being teased from the alley behind their house. He needed all of his shots, rabies, heartworm testing and meds and neutering when he was picked up.


From NASRN: Alex and McGrady's mother and father were seized in an abuse case when the female was already pregnant. The shelter allowed her to have the puppies because she was so far along. They took care of the pups until they were old enough for adoption. We took 3 of them and the shelter placed 2.


From NASRN: Sam's owner turned him into the shelter for supposedly killing a chicken. He lived in a pen with about 100 chickens, but the owner claims he killed "one" so off to the kill shelter he went. We also rehomed his sister about a month before. She said they were from a litter that she bred herself. Sam's rather withdrawn right now, he's been through a lot over the last few months, as we had to pay to board him for about a month because we didn't have any foster homes for him. So, between his stint at the shelter and then at the boarding kennel, he seems a little withdrawn. Tom, ata his foster home,  thinks he is slowly starting to come out of his shell, but its going to take some time.


From NASRN: Max and Ruby, a male/female pair of ASDs was pulled from the Phoenix shelter . Max is pretty sick, he has bronchitis and is being treated for erlichia. We are still waiting for the rest of his blood work to come back. Ruby seems to have picked up the bronchitis also, but isnt as bad as poor Max. He seems to be responding to meds but he's only been on them for a couple of days.


From NASRN: Bridgett is a female we pulled from a kill shelter in TX. She is being treated for tick fever and seems to be responding to the meds. We are all hopeful she will be feeling better soon.


From Karen Massa: Buddy was in a Port Isabel Tx shelter. They asked NASRN for help to save Buddy as he is such a laid back, mellow sweet boy. Buddy suffers from entropian in both his eyes,is heartworm positive and has a bad limp in his real leg. He was covered with fleas and had terrible fly bites on his ears, all the time remaining an sweet lovable guy. He is currently in Corpus Christi, Tx in a foster home and was treated April 14 for the heartworm, which the vet said was a very bad case.


From Karen Massa:  Charlie was picked up as a stray, went to county shelter and thats how we got him. He's young -about a year to 18 mo's old. Foster says he is soooooooo sweet. He hops around on three legs trying to play.He had a problem with his rear leg and we are going forward with his surgery. The foster home is committed to recovery for him.
From the foster home about Charlies hip: The specialists are Dr. Vasser, who was the head of surgery at UC Davis but now has his own practice, and Dr. Richardson who practices at Sacramento Surgical Hospital for pets. Charlie's right hip has been out of place for a couple of months. The right femur is fusing to the pelvis. The pelvis has been fractured on both the left and right side, but are now mostly healed, so it is good for surgery. Both doctors were worried about the right leg's ability to become a functional leg again. The muscle is atrophied and he can't use it much. Dr. Vasser originally thought that the prognosis of the leg usage was quite poor, and would become worse over time. He recommended amputation, but then got Dr. Richardson's opinion. Dr. Richardson felt that it would be worth a try to get the hip back in place, if possible. But if when the operation occurred and they could see the extent of the actual damage, it it was too extensive then amputate. If it wasn't too extensive, then put the hip back in place with pins. The estimated cost would be about $3,000.


From Karen Massa:  Selma was sold to an apt dweller as a pup.  As she grew, the owner realized an ASD was not an apartment dog.  She "sold" the dog to a goat rancher, who it appears, may have shot the dog.   Karen Massa took possession of the dog with the help of the original owner. Selma is now in foster care recuperating from her wounds.



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